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How to deal with a writer’s block

A writer’s block is simply when a writer gets stuck while writing. everything goes on pause and you are blank on how to continue. Writer’s block happens with every writer at a particular time and the way to solve it is to know the reason for it.  The reasons for a writers block Environment; Your environment could affect your creativity. Noise is very distracting and a no no for a writer. A writer should try to have quiet moments most of the time, to help …

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Everybody wants to be rich and have more money than they need. At least everybody I know. But not everyone wants to work the eight to five job. The eight to five job is basically the white collar job. You wake up really early in the morning, dress up, get ready and try not to get to work late. Problem is, not everybody likes it. Another problem is that the life of an entrepreneur is not made for everyone. Some people love the eight to …

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A Review of Societal Equality in Decency

I was marveled! Twice, on the same day, I was assaulted by two men who unashamedly waved their bare buttocks in my face. I was both amazed and appalled yet I can say I understood because those men were bus conductors. While they do their work, they have little care except steadily getting the money. Still, it was disgusting. It is understandable for these conductors to wave their bare buttocks in the air and scar us terribly but what about the ‘more educated’ ones in …

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How to write a winning short story in a short time!

Wow! I have just heard about this writing competition and damn! I am so interested! but the problem is that it is just few days away! No way I can compete with those who have prepared earlier! Do I give up? and betray that talent? Of course NOT! This is what i would do!  I would read their rules and regulation and their eligibility. You must read the eligibility of whatever short story competition you want to enter for. Some short story competitions require that …

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