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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS; What you need to know about Monkey Pox

I am currently in Nigeria and there has been an outbreak of a disease called Monkey pox. This ‘Alien’ disease has come with a lot of tension, uncertainty and myths. So I decided to do a thorough research about the disease to assist my readers. Below is a question and answer summary. WHAT IS MONKEY POX?  Monkey pox is a rare viral Zoonosis disease. Zoonosis means that it was transmitted from Animals to Humans.  It is an infectious disease. WHY IS IT CALLED MONKEY POX? …

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Meet the African goddess that “blessed” Beyonce Carter with Twins.

It is no more news that Beyonce paid tribute to the Yoruba goddess, Oshun(who is a mother of twins) in her song lemonade and months later queen bey announces she is pregnant with twins. These are the things you need to know about the Yoruba goddess (Yoruba is about tribe in West Africa,Nigeria) She was known as the goddess of beauty, fertility, love, prosperity and order She is the daughter of Obatala the first amongst the gods and he blessed her with mysticism and divination. …

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Video: Who can compete with a dancing African woman! Noone!

African women are known not just for thier beauty or curvy figure. They are also wonderful dancers. This video is featuring the igbo culture of Nigeria (west Africa). To Igbos, Dance (igba uri, or ite uri, egwu) including the music (igu, or iti or iku nkwa) is a very important part of thier culture and infact it is a way of life. And it to some extent contributes in healing mental illness. A person who cannot dance is known as “onye ajo uri” and is …

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