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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS; What you need to know about Monkey Pox

I am currently in Nigeria and there has been an outbreak of a disease called Monkey pox. This ‘Alien’ disease has come with a lot of tension, uncertainty and myths. So I decided to do a thorough research about the disease to assist my readers. Below is a question and answer summary. WHAT IS MONKEY POX?  Monkey pox is a rare viral Zoonosis disease. Zoonosis means that it was transmitted from Animals to Humans.  It is an infectious disease. WHY IS IT CALLED MONKEY POX? …

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Expert warns that ISIS may attack South Africa

Institute for security studies counter terrorism researcher Martin Ewe has said that the organisation was investigating if the terrorist group would attack Pres. Trump’s investments in South africa as retaliation for the Presidents harsh foreign policy. He stated that he would find out trump’s business intrest in South africa but wouldnot remain quite about his findings. He also pointed out that Pres. Donald Trump’s harsh policies against Muslims could frustrate people to join the terrorist group. However Dr Nadvi Lubna refuted this thoughts saying “It …

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Tension in south Africa as government prays for a non-repeat of students protest.

There is tension in South Africa today because it  marks the start of the academic year at many institutions across South Africa. Last year student protested for free higher education at most universities throughout the country. Some of the protests resulted in violent clashes with several student leaders arrested and still facing public violence charges. One of the most seriously affected universities was the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. The university Vice Chancellor is Professor Adam Habib. I would continue to encourage peaceful protest across …

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