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A dying man in Somalia (A poem)

A Dying Man In Somalia The stick-like drying bones of my little children Haunt the tom-tom pulse of my heart. Their electric bulb-like eyes drawn out by starvation’s brethren Mock our nation badly torn apartBy hunger endorsed by pitiless drought As hope melts in lightning speed, death record boards increase. Why are we let to perish in this hell sprout As rain’s fury accelerate in degrees? These silently emitting screams of my dying kids Slowly kill me before my awaiting death. Can I hold on …

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Somalia on the brink of collapse?

So United Nations is warning that Somalia maybe on the brink of collapse. This is because the country is in a severe drought after two seasons of weak rainfall. The number of those needing help has constantly increased, from 5million in September to 6.2 million now. “If we do not scale up the drought response immediately, it will cost lives, further destroy livelihoods, and could undermine the pursuit of key State-building and peacebuilding initiatives,” said the humanitarian cordinator for somalia, Peter de Clerc The U.N. …

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African and Insurgency. (A poem)

This shores I stand was once full of sunlight, Where many a eye lived who saw the sight, Today, night has come and refused to ebb, But to home of sun hope shall man steer, That home of sunlight I ever once lived.   Unawares, in the whisper of the night, On hearing a sound as of thunder, Many a soul are massacred in flames, Man and sweats wreck and shred beyond repair.   Who upon this plain such a virus bred, That has many …

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