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…But it was Just a dream (Flash fiction)

I was angry, very angry because Paschal was daring me.  Wasn’t he scared of me anymore? . Perhaps he has forgotten how I threw my water bottle on him and he cried the whole day in school. ‘Paschal give me my pencil right now’ I shrilled. I had nt wanted the teacher to hear us but my anger got the best of me ‘No, its mine’ He said. I was angry because this Paschal was trying to take my position.  Just last week, I had …

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Office palavar ; The real crime of being a woman

Vanessa straightened her sleek black suit as she climbed out of her car. She was confident as she smiled and nodded as she passed by people on the way to her office. She was certain she was going to be promoted this time. She had put in the work and she had proven she could handle all that could and would be thrown at her. Besides, she thought confidently, her competitor was a mere Manager and she had been Director for a very long time. …

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How to write a good short story

In other to write a short story you must first understand what a short story is. A short story is simply a story that contains 300words to 7500 words. People often make the mistake of writing a short story with the same mindset as writing a novel. A novel and a short story does indeed have a lot in common since they both entail writing a story but there is still a big gap within them, bridge that gap and you would be writing the …

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How to write a winning short story in a short time!

Wow! I have just heard about this writing competition and damn! I am so interested! but the problem is that it is just few days away! No way I can compete with those who have prepared earlier! Do I give up? and betray that talent? Of course NOT! This is what i would do!  I would read their rules and regulation and their eligibility. You must read the eligibility of whatever short story competition you want to enter for. Some short story competitions require that …

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