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Table for JUST one;10 tips to be single and happy

Are you feeling like you cannot do it? Like you cannot be single and happy? Like you need a relationship to confirm your happiness? WELL YOU CAN DO IT! You can be Single ND Happy. I know we all want to always be on the phone with that special someone. We want hear that person say ‘I Love you all the time. There is always a high probability that most of us, especially those who have just ended an important relationship, would start feeling like …

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11 Guys you should TOTALLY date in your 20s

Ladies! your 20s is a very important time in your life. You TOTALLY need the experience! Of course you know that experience makes you wiser and you definitely don’t want to get married or older and start wishing you had lived your 20s differently.    Please keep reading to see the 10 guys who would help you know the kind of person you are, bring out the best in you, the worst in you and all that experience is gonna make you a smart woman… …

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How to make her fall in love with you-10 qualities you MUST possess.

Hmmm Women think quite differently from men. So this are my tips below; Talk Sweet; While ‘seeing’ good things is very important to men, what you tell a girl is very important to her. You must treat her like a queen and most importantly you must tell her wonderful things. Tell her how beautiful she is everyday, tell her you appreciate her and tell her she is the love of your life. Encourage her in her ambitions. Be friends to her friends; Her clique of …

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How to make him fall in love with you – 10 Qualities you MUST posses

To get a man to fall in love with you, first you have to get him to like you and when he likes you, you have to get him to date you, while he is dating you, Apply my qualities to make him fall in love with you. If you do.. trust me he would never be able to let you go! How do you get him to like you? Be attractive; What a guy sees at first is more important than what he hears. …

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I am in love with this girl who dated my friend

Dearest Amaka, I am in love with this girl who dated my friend. The story between the three of us is a bit complicated. I always liked her but she was always after my friend. The thing is that he never even liked her that much and was cheating on her. She found out and they broke up. Now she says she realized it was me that she was in love with and not my friend. What do i do? This is like a dream …

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Should I abort my pregnancy and continue with my schooling?

Dearest Amaka, I am a young girl awaiting admission into the University. Just after I finished my High school, I met this nice guy and we began dating. Along the way, we made a mistake and now i am two months pregnant. My family has abandoned me and thinks that I am a big disappointment to them. I am from a poor home, my father is dead and my m0ther says she cannot shoulder another responsibility(the baby). My friends said I should abort the child …

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