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I remember The love that shone in your eyes when you looked at me The one sided smile that instantly appeared when I spoke The wandering hand that searched for mine when i was near   I remember Your soothing voice a balm to my raging nerves Your strong arms a wall against the world outside Your beautiful shoulders a pillar to lean on   I remember The security of your love The blanket of your attention The comfort of your smiles   Now all …

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How dare you?! How dare you tell me you love me And in the next breath hurt me? How dare you tell me you’re sorry And that you didn’t mean to?   How dare you?! Leading me on and on And like a puppy, I allowed you to Then you turn around and say, “I can’t do this anymore” You bastard!   How dare you?! All those lies you told to my face I held back my heart guarding it Still you took your time, …

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Sit still, look pretty Don’t say a word, do as you’re told Sit still, look pretty Don’t blink an eye, don’t try to hide Sit still, look pretty   You’re like a work of art Expensive, but not priceless Movable, and easily destroyable Owned and made for his perfection Used for décor, to be admired Losing value as time goes by Your worth is simply to sit still and look pretty   You’re like a china doll Breakable, and replaceable Beautiful, but disposable Silent, still …

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Broken heart (A Poem)

The sound of feet rushing down the stairs The sound of the door slamming on your way out What’s the hurry? Where are you going, my love? This time, there’s not a sound, just a feeling I look out and see you tiptoeing Why the sneaking around? Where are you going, my love?   I’m too afraid to ask out loud I’m too afraid to hear your answers I’m too afraid to hear a lie Too afraid to believe the truth So I’ll just pretend …

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