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How to make her fall in love with you-10 qualities you MUST possess.

Hmmm Women think quite differently from men. So this are my tips below; Talk Sweet; While ‘seeing’ good things is very important to men, what you tell a girl is very important to her. You must treat her like a queen and most importantly you must tell her wonderful things. Tell her how beautiful she is everyday, tell her you appreciate her and tell her she is the love of your life. Encourage her in her ambitions. Be friends to her friends; Her clique of …

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Not Just Sex: 5 intimate bedroom tips that is not sex.

Sex has largely been misinterpreted in the world we are living in today. We have sex for different reasons but whichever reason It should not be done every single day! Study proofs that people who have less sex enjoy it more than those who do it frequently. It just like when you do something monotonously, It loses its value and becomes less interesting. Now some people would argue.. Married people Nco? Yes Sex does get boring for married people too. When sex gets boring it …

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5 ways to impress your Lover on bed! For a Great Sex life!!

I would have loved to tell you t0 give him/her a great Oral sex! Be spontaneous! Talk Dirt and all those cliches… I would not because I would be lying. Because I love my readers, I did a little research for you guys! and continue reading for a guaranteed good sex life!  LOOK AND FEEL GOOD; Now no matter how you look at it. If you do not feel sexy, Someone else can hardly see you as sexy because if you don’t feel sexy, you …

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