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Police Brutality; Solider strips his wife and her lover naked in Public and other stories.

This happened in 2015 in Nigeria. I have been seeing alot of extreme abuse of office cases by police men or Soliders and the situation is truly sad. I used the topic above because even in extreme cases such as Infidelity from your patner you have no right to be brutal because of your uniform. THAT uniform you Wear in which ever African country you are is to protect your people and not use it to abuse and terrorise them. Once I, Personally have been …

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A child beaten to death because she cannot speak English; The highest degree of mental colonisation!!!

Your language is your identity and you should wear it very proudly because there is no place like home. Our African languages are  just as wonderful as English language. They are all beautiful languages given to us by God. You praise or see nothing wrong with someone that cannot speak their language but you shade another for not being able to speak English properly. You try as hard as you can to remove your mother tongue accent from you mouth and adopt the perfect British …

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