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How I can ENSURE success ; 10 MUST have qualities

In my post I used the word ENSURE meaning that if you follow my guidelines success is sure. Sucess may be a little delayed in life but with my tips it is guaranteed. Before I begin, you should have this in mind, Success is determined both Physically and Spiritually, The spirit controls the physical whether you like it or not. there are very important laws of life you must follow for smooth success. Example; The law of karma, The law that you must give out …

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How to deal with a writer’s block

A writer’s block is simply when a writer gets stuck while writing. everything goes on pause and you are blank on how to continue. Writer’s block happens with every writer at a particular time and the way to solve it is to know the reason for it.  The reasons for a writers block Environment; Your environment could affect your creativity. Noise is very distracting and a no no for a writer. A writer should try to have quiet moments most of the time, to help …

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How to write a good short story

In other to write a short story you must first understand what a short story is. A short story is simply a story that contains 300words to 7500 words. People often make the mistake of writing a short story with the same mindset as writing a novel. A novel and a short story does indeed have a lot in common since they both entail writing a story but there is still a big gap within them, bridge that gap and you would be writing the …

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