Monday , December 18 2017
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My boyfriend is a flirt but I have never caught him cheating

Dearest Amaka, I have a boyfriend who flirts but I have never caught him cheating. He compliments my friends a lot, hold them in offensive places (like hips) and surrounds himself with too many females. When I caution him, he says he is just friendly and I should trust him. He also deletes his messages on social media and his text messages and he says it is for memory space. My mind tells me he is a cheat but I have never caught him doing …

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My fiance caught me stealing! How do I stop stealing?

Dearest Amaka, I am about to be married to my boyfriend(we dated for about a year). But I have a problem. I have an uncontrollable urge to steal most times. In higher school, I had provisions but i still stole from my roommate. I was punished when I was caught and embarrassed. I punished myself too after that by starving. I really fought so hard to control myself and it seemed that I had finally overcome that urge. But not long ago. I went to …

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