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Sit still, look pretty Don’t say a word, do as you’re told Sit still, look pretty Don’t blink an eye, don’t try to hide Sit still, look pretty   You’re like a work of art Expensive, but not priceless Movable, and easily destroyable Owned and made for his perfection Used for décor, to be admired Losing value as time goes by Your worth is simply to sit still and look pretty   You’re like a china doll Breakable, and replaceable Beautiful, but disposable Silent, still …

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Still in honor of South Africa’s women’s month. I wrote about the beauty of womanhood and how I loved being female yesterday. I felt as though every woman must love being a woman; that every girl must see and appreciate femininity. Thinking on though, I realized that this was not the case. There are women around the world who curse femininity every day; women who can’t appreciate the beauty of being a woman because of the people around them. So many Nigerians (especially the men) …

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So this month is South Africa’s women’s month and i salute them for setting aside a month to celebrate the beauty of womanhood. in honor of this, I’m reposting this. So today is International Women’s Day. This inspired me to tell you about how I feel about womanhood and trust me I think and appreciate feminism and femininity every day. I love being female! There are moments when some women say or think to themselves, “if only I were a man.” Now I can’t say …

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A lot of us talk about feminism and being strong as a woman and what men should stop expecting from us. In fact, I wrote about it a while ago. However, have we stopped to wonder about what we shouldn’t expect from men? Feminism is really all about equality, though for me, it’s more than equality, it’s also about equity. If we claim to be equal to men, then why do we always expect them to pay the bill after a date? If we claim …

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Office palavar ; The real crime of being a woman

Vanessa straightened her sleek black suit as she climbed out of her car. She was confident as she smiled and nodded as she passed by people on the way to her office. She was certain she was going to be promoted this time. She had put in the work and she had proven she could handle all that could and would be thrown at her. Besides, she thought confidently, her competitor was a mere Manager and she had been Director for a very long time. …

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