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Should I get married to a girl I met on facebook?

Dearest Amaka, I Really Love what you are doing to help people Know the real Love and to sort it out by yours advice . Please is it ok to get someone on Facebook and get married to her??..I need an answer with reasons. Thanks Chidi   Dearest Chidi, Thank you so much Chidi for loving what I do, I am always pleased to help. My advise to your question goes two ways. Love can be found anywhere even on social media(facebook). So if you …

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I think my friend has a sexually transmitted disease.

Dearest Amaka, I am from Kenya. My female friend started dating this guy that just came back from South Africa but unfortunately their relationship did not last long. She told me after they broke up that they did not use protections, so I advised her to go for check ups which she did. However I asked her about the test results and she has refused to tell me. It is either she changes the topic or tell me its not important. Once when I pushed …

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I do not know if i can forgive my family because they put me in this mess

Dearest Amaka, I was dating this guy for about 9 years and he finally proposed to me. I agreed because he is the love of my life and I have wanted to marry him from the first day  we started dating. However when we went to my parents to seek their approval, they bluntly refused and after much pressure from them, we broke off our engagement and went separate ways. I have tried to move on since then but I have not been able to. …

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My mother-in-law to be is in some sort of marine kingdom. Should I continue with the marriage??

Dearest Amaka; I met  my man about 8 months ago and he proposed to me, I quickly agreed because he is the man of my dreams. So I went to spend some time with his family last Christmas and new year. It was absolutely a horrible experience which i endured because I do not want to hurt my man but now that he is talking of fixing a date for marriage, I am very afraid.  His mother does not like me and I once over …

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My boyfriend is a flirt but I have never caught him cheating

Dearest Amaka, I have a boyfriend who flirts but I have never caught him cheating. He compliments my friends a lot, hold them in offensive places (like hips) and surrounds himself with too many females. When I caution him, he says he is just friendly and I should trust him. He also deletes his messages on social media and his text messages and he says it is for memory space. My mind tells me he is a cheat but I have never caught him doing …

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Dearest Amaka; I am a very unhappy married woman. I was good and loyal to my husband but I have endured being cheated on for a long time now. In fact I married the man a virgin. The climax of his flirtatious nature was when he made advances to my daughter’s friend. After I found out, and we had a heated argument, he traveled. I became very depressed thinking about the woman he may be with. During that time, I met this man, much younger …

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