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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS; What you need to know about Monkey Pox

I am currently in Nigeria and there has been an outbreak of a disease called Monkey pox. This ‘Alien’ disease has come with a lot of tension, uncertainty and myths. So I decided to do a thorough research about the disease to assist my readers. Below is a question and answer summary. WHAT IS MONKEY POX?  Monkey pox is a rare viral Zoonosis disease. Zoonosis means that it was transmitted from Animals to Humans.  It is an infectious disease. WHY IS IT CALLED MONKEY POX? …

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8 dies as Police opens fire on their country citizens when they attempted to recover bodies of their member killed during protest.- Congo

In the Democratic republic of Congo, the police opens fire on members of Bundi dia kongo (BDK) as they approached the morgue in the town of kimpese to recover the bodies of fellow members killed in protests last month. Jonas Lukoki, the provincial coordinator of the new civil society, told Reuters. ‘There were 12deaths, including three children’ Lukoki said. Another local activist in Kimpese said the police killed at least eight BDK memebers. Both activists said the protestors were unarmed’ President Joseph Kabila’s failure to …

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