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It doesn’t feel right anymore This time it’s not from my heart I try to conform with you But nothing seems to be working When will you find me out? When will my lies catch up with me? What will be my defence For playing you Do you really think I love you? Do you really think I care? Or do you just try so hard to believe it That you actually see it I don’t have enough courage to tell you Not because I …

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Broken heart (A Poem)

The sound of feet rushing down the stairs The sound of the door slamming on your way out What’s the hurry? Where are you going, my love? This time, there’s not a sound, just a feeling I look out and see you tiptoeing Why the sneaking around? Where are you going, my love?   I’m too afraid to ask out loud I’m too afraid to hear your answers I’m too afraid to hear a lie Too afraid to believe the truth So I’ll just pretend …

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My boyfriend is a flirt but I have never caught him cheating

Dearest Amaka, I have a boyfriend who flirts but I have never caught him cheating. He compliments my friends a lot, hold them in offensive places (like hips) and surrounds himself with too many females. When I caution him, he says he is just friendly and I should trust him. He also deletes his messages on social media and his text messages and he says it is for memory space. My mind tells me he is a cheat but I have never caught him doing …

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The simplest reason why men cheat!

When the world was young, every religion accepted polygamy. Polygamy was a way of life. Christianity came and said ‘one man to one wife’ . Naturally, the male species revolted so much that even when a christian church refuses to wed  2 wives, he goes ahead to have a mistress. Gradually, another woman or women outside marriage became a norm( Since they said we should have only one wife, no problem, I would also have a mistress) Then gradually this also became a way of …

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