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Everybody wants to be rich and have more money than they need. At least everybody I know. But not everyone wants to work the eight to five job. The eight to five job is basically the white collar job. You wake up really early in the morning, dress up, get ready and try not to get to work late. Problem is, not everybody likes it. Another problem is that the life of an entrepreneur is not made for everyone. Some people love the eight to …

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Africans can write for the Philosophy Through Fiction: Short Story Competition.

Deadline 1 February 2017 American Philosophical Association are inviting submissions for the short story competition “Philosophy Through Fiction”, organized by Helen De Cruz (Oxford Brookes University), with editorial board members Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside), Meghan Sullivan (University of Notre Dame), and Mark Silcox (University of Central Oklahoma). The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize of US$500 (funded by the Berry Fund of the APA) and their story will be published in Sci Phi Journal. The competition is open to EVERYONE, regardless of geographic location, career …

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Writing opportunity open for Africans in 2017!! Commonwealth Youth Council Poetry competitions!!

Deadline: May 31,2017 To commemorate World Braille Day, the Commonwealth Youth Council invites entries for the 2017 poetry competition- “Unseen & Unspoken.” This is a segment of creative expression of the #iamABLE campaign through the art of poetry. The theme of the competition is “My disability does not define me.” The theme can be interpreted many ways – writers could focus on achievements and talents they have in spite of a disability, or positive traits they have or have developed as a result of their …

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