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Sit still, look pretty

Don’t say a word, do as you’re told

Sit still, look pretty

Don’t blink an eye, don’t try to hide

Sit still, look pretty


You’re like a work of art

Expensive, but not priceless

Movable, and easily destroyable

Owned and made for his perfection

Used for décor, to be admired

Losing value as time goes by

Your worth is simply to sit still and look pretty


You’re like a china doll

Breakable, and replaceable

Beautiful, but disposable

Silent, still and chatoyant

Dressed and polished until perfection

Made as the potter deemed fit

Know your worth, sit still and look pretty


The air shifts

Something is different

The china doll blinks

The work of art twitches

They meet resistance, but push

No longer still, they shatter

No more worth, no more sit still, look pretty


With the shattering, there’s a spark

There’s a flicker of light

Then there’s a flame

The flame becomes wild, unstoppable

Rushing forward

It consumes all in its path

It knows its worth, so no sit still and look pretty


Written by Mma Louis

About Okonkwo

Just a controversial girl with a lot of thoughts and plenty to say. She refuses to conform to norms and stereotypes

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