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The typical definition of a person of colour is someone who is not white or of European heritage. My first thought then is, when did white stop being a colour? Addressing only blacks as people of colour is very absurd to me. As far as I’m concerned, whites, blacks, browns, and whatever colour people choose to place themselves under all come under the phrase, “people of colour”. Therefore addressing only blacks with that phrase makes me feel as though the whites still believe that they are of the superior race and black people became black due to poor living conditions or working for too long under the sun or some nonsense like that. Do they know whether blacks are really the superior race and whites originated from some kind of disease that whitened their skin? These people seem to think that blacks history begun with slavery. Well the fact that the richest man in all of history, Mansa Musa was African (Mali to be exact) begs to differ. Do you also know that according to some scientific studies, a particular theory actually, called the recent single origin hypothesis; modern humans evolved in Africa and began to disperse through the world roughly 50,000 to 100,000 years ago. So historically, Africans, na we get am.

Anyway the thing that really matters is that we are all equal and we must never look down on people because of the colour of their skin. We are always so focused on the looking down on people that we forget about the looking up to people. What I mean is that a lot of people have placed these white people on high pedestals. We see them as some kind of huge deal. For instance, when we see a white man on the streets of Enugu we stare. We boast about having white people in our schools or in our churches. We boast of having them as friends or relatives. We don’t realize that by doing all these, we are placing them on pedestals, making them bigger deals than they actually are. And the next natural thing that follows is that they begin to look down on us. A lot of issues we face in our society are usually as a result of our attitude towards certain things and until we begin to change our attitudes and mind-set towards these things, we won’t see any change.

Black is beautiful. Our culture, our beliefs, our skin, all beautiful. So next time you look into the mirror, take a moment to appreciate your beautiful dark skin. Realize that we are all the same, no matter our skin colour it’s red blood that flows through our veins. Therefore don’t give any special attention to white people for Christ sake! They are just people like yourself. Appreciate them the same way you’ll appreciate that person sitting beside in the bus that’s of the same race as you are.

I believe strongly that you don’t disagree with this so if you have anything you’d like to add, leave a comment.

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  1. I can’t disagree with this. Mansa Musa was among the richest people that ever lived. #smartgirl #IloveBlack

  2. Nice, we are truly beautiful.

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