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How dare you?!

How dare you tell me you love me

And in the next breath hurt me?

How dare you tell me you’re sorry

And that you didn’t mean to?


How dare you?!

Leading me on and on

And like a puppy, I allowed you to

Then you turn around and say,

“I can’t do this anymore” You bastard!


How dare you?!

All those lies you told to my face

I held back my heart guarding it

Still you took your time, getting past all that

Only for you to crush it?!


How dare you?

Still you dared, you really did

Telling me it’s over

Telling me I deserve better

Who are you to tell me what I deserve?


You dared

As I stare at you, waiting for the punchline

Holding my crushed bleeding heart

I realize I have nothing but memories

My time and energy having borne no fruit


Now I’ll dare

I’ll dare to reshape my heart

I’ll take care of it on my own

I’ll hide it deep down where it can’t be reached

Then I’ll dare to give it to someone who’ll cherish it


Written by Mma Louis

About Okonkwo

Just a controversial girl with a lot of thoughts and plenty to say. She refuses to conform to norms and stereotypes

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