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If You Must Succeed, Get A Blacklist!

What helps someone to succeed and what causes another to fail? Obviously there are many reasons that create success. And in the process of working really hard , you may have forgotten about your environment…that’s…the company you keep.

What’s the company you keep got to do with your success? Everything!

A black list consists of all those negative people that you’d rather not meet. people who bring you down and  sap your energy. These people need to be quickly put on a black list and removed from your life.

And if you’re still wondering what all of this has got to do with your success, let me clear you out. Today, you’re more busy than you used to. You now have  more distractions than ever before. And it is not getting much better, but you already know that. The success of your business depends on your focus. And if there’s one thing that negative people do, it’s take you off focus.

Negative people complain about the weather, money,food, just about everything under the sun. These people need to be taken out of your life.  And in this list, you may often find relatives, or friends you have grown up with.It  doesn’t matter.  Move on, don’t let them onto your white list. Don’t hang around them.

If you really want to be moving ahead in life, choose people who are pro-active. People who give you energy. People who  are willing to help instead of complaining and whining all day. These people are eagles. Move with them, and watch your world change pretty dramatically.

One set of people go into your black book. The rest go into your black list. The ones on the black list never need to know. They just never hear from you again. You are gone from their lives as far as possible. Gone, like a freight train. Start putting the eagles in your black book. Your attitude and fortunes will change almost instantly, once you make this simple move.

Great leaders understand three simple truths. First, if you begin with “who,” rather than “what,” you can more easily adapt to a changing world. You choose to be with some people in your life. If those people join the bus mainly because of where it is going, what happens if you get ten miles down the road and you need to change direction?

Then, you have got a problem. But if people are on the bus because of who else is on the bus, then it’s much easier to change direction: “Hello, I’m on this bus because of who else is on it; if we need to change direction to be more successful, fine with me.” Second, if you have the right people on the bus, the problem of how to motivate and manage people largely goes away.

How? The right people don’t need to be tightly managed or fired up; they will be self-motivated by the inner drive to produce the best results and to be part of creating something great. Third, if you have the wrong people, it doesn’t matter whether you discover the right direction; you still won’t have a great company. Great vision without great people is irrelevant. It may sound harsh but eventually, your parents were not wrong. The company you keep defines you. You become the company you keep.

Have a wonderful day ahead!

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