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A Nigerian view of money and recession

Sometimes I hear of, or read about people who spend so much money on so little things and believe me, I don’t judge them. In my mind I’m like, “a million naira to me is like ten naira to them”. I mean, some people go to huge shopping malls and buy onions that would ordinarily cost a hundred naira for one thousand naira. I once asked a friend why she preferred to buy lemons in a shopping mall instead of going to a local market to get them. It’s cheaper and doesn’t take as much time. She told me that the lemons in the local markets didn’t look like the ones she saw on TV or on the internet. I was like, “seriously? Omo olowo ni ye (i.e. child of money)”.

Some of us can be extremists at times, so in matters concerning money, we are certainly no different. A particular set of people see money as the root of evil and tell you that money is not the important thing in this life. They forget that what the bible said was the root of evil is the love of money, not the money itself. They also forget that little fact that money makes the world go round.

Another set of people are so focused on money and how to make it and the fact that money makes the world go round that they also forget that love of money is really the root of all evil and that it really can’t buy joy. So what am I actually yanning? I think we should just learn to balance things out. Don’t be so overly religious that you forget that before you get to the next life, you have this life to live. On the other hand, don’t be so focused on money that you forget that you’ll answer to someone at the end of your life regardless of your beliefs. If not God then yourself. Don’t live a life you’d look back to regret

I think that people have different ideas of what expensive means so we should not be quick to judge others. I keep telling people that while we are crying “Buhari period” or “recession things”, some people have no idea what you’re talking about. In fact for them, Nigeria couldn’t be any better. So if you don’t know a person’s background or where he or she is coming from, don’t judge. It’s always a question of the mind set.

Please note that I am in no way in support of monetary extremities. In fact I think people should be more attuned to the less privileged. Instead of throwing a Christmas party that costs millions of naira for people that have millions too, why not use that money and change lives?

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