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It doesn’t feel right anymore
This time it’s not from my heart
I try to conform with you
But nothing seems to be working

When will you find me out?
When will my lies catch up with me?
What will be my defence
For playing you

Do you really think I love you?
Do you really think I care?
Or do you just try so hard to believe it
That you actually see it

I don’t have enough courage to tell you
Not because I don’t wanna face you
But I do try, I really try
To see if we can make it

Oh no, don’t be mad at me
It’s not like I played you
No, you were no fool in love
I really thought I could love
But I’m sorry this love was not for you.


Written by Okoro Onyedikachi

Edited by Mma Louis

About Okonkwo

Just a controversial girl with a lot of thoughts and plenty to say. She refuses to conform to norms and stereotypes

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