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Learning to love yourself…

Looking into the mirror, I wondered and asked myself why and how I could love the person staring back at me. How do I love me and still not be proud? Do I begin to love myself for my beauty and all around physical appearance? Do I begin to love me for my intelligence or achievements? Why exactly should I love myself? Because I’ve been told to? Because it’s the natural thing to feel? None of those answers felt right and it really made me ponder. It’s easier to love another than it is to love yourself. You can look at someone and appreciate who the person is to you, what the person has done for you; causing you to love that person. I mean, what’s the reason for loving our parents, siblings or friends? We’re naturally inclined to love them either because of the closeness that exists between you two or the interaction that results in attraction. So how then do you love yourself?

We hear so much about loving ourselves, about having a healthy self-esteem, but we never really hear on how to achieve this. Some say we can achieve it by daily profession. By telling yourself day in day out that you’re beautiful and that you can achieve anything you want to. By telling yourself that you’re strong and have the world at your feet and all you have to do is act. Well does that really work? I actually don’t know. But I think that a time comes that the whole thing just gets old and you get tired of hearing your own voice. I mean, why do you think we always like to hear compliments? It’s because you like the acknowledgement of your beauty, intelligence, achievements from someone other than yourself.

As I pondered, still staring into the mirror, I realized something. I can love myself simply because God loves me. Simply because Christ loves me. I said to myself, “if Christ can love me with all my insecurities, my faults, my sins; regardless of my past, my present, my looks, my pocket; just loving me for me, then who am I not to love this person before me? How can I not love this person that Christ, the King of kings values so much?” This awareness humbled me and still helped me to love me. This means we can love ourselves without being proud.

Share this message of hope to the world so people can learn to love themselves and still humble themselves. Trust me, having a healthy self-esteem does not mean looking down on others.

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