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…But it was Just a dream (Flash fiction)

I was angry, very angry because Paschal was daring me.  Wasn’t he scared of me anymore? . Perhaps he has forgotten how I threw my water bottle on him and he cried the whole day in school.

‘Paschal give me my pencil right now’ I shrilled. I had nt wanted the teacher to hear us but my anger got the best of me

‘No, its mine’ He said.

I was angry because this Paschal was trying to take my position.  Just last week, I had taken his pencil and he had given it up without a fight.How did he think that he could suddenly also come to my desk, take my new pencil too and expect me to just leave it. I was stronger than he was. He was the Mumu and not me.

I sensed the teacher would come to separate us as soon as she came back from God knows where so I fought harder. I hit him and he hit me back! Paschal laid his hand on me!! I got more aggressive and ever ready for a fight, I reached out for his face with my fingers but the teacher came in just then

‘Hey this girl! don’t you know girls don’t fight’ She scolded me

‘Aunty, he is with my pencil’  I cried. I wanted to be the last to hit paschal, I also wanted to scratch him and teach him a lesson.I wanted the teacher to scold him too and I wanted my pencil.

‘No it is not’ he said and put out his tongue. He put it back in just in time as the teacher turned to him

‘Paschal does not look for trouble so the pencil is his’

‘But aunty….

‘Hey Sleepy head,  Wake up for school’ I woke up to my Nana dragging me gently from the bed, she was touching my night wear to check if i had wet the bed.

‘Thank God you did not wee wee on the bed…  but why were you kicking in your sleep?’ She  asked leading me to the bathroom

Frustrated tears rolled down my eyes. I was revealed It was a dream, I was happy Paschal was still the Mumu and not the horror I saw but I desperately wanted to go back to the dream, be the last to hit him and collect my pencil. I sniffed and Nana looked down

‘Why you crying’ Nana asked me gently

I looked at her and I knew that in her adult mind, she would laugh and call me a child if i told her. She would never understand and she would say it was just a dream. I said nothing and started walking to the bathroom before her. She patted buttocks and giggled ‘chubby chubby’ as she fondly said

‘Leave me Nana’ I cried. This dream just made me hate Paschal.


Written by Amaka



MUMU- a dull person

Nana- Nanny

Chubby chubby – a slightly fat, round child



About Amaka

I am a graduate of English and literature, a great listener and a gifted life coach. I am not afraid to be bluntly honest.

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