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A Father’s Pain: Episode 17

In response, she cracked into laughter. Before anyone could tell what was happening, I was sprinting towards her in anger.
My lawyer screamed after me. His partner immediately dropped the files he was holding and took off after me. I could see Nora ahead, rushing the children towards her car. By the time I got there, they were already in the car and speeding away.
I looked around for a stone to hurl at the car, regardless of the fact that the children I was fighting for were sitting in and could get hurt. That is what anger can do to a person; cloud his sense of judgement. However, the stones around were too big for me to lift.
“What are you doing, sir? Do you want to be arrested?” my lawyer’s partner screamed at me when he got to me. But one look at my facial expression and he regretted the tone he used to address me.
“I am sorry, sir, for shouting at you. But it is important you remain calm in this matter. The court has ruled. There is nothing anyone can do, save appeal” he said.
“Then we are going to appeal” I told him. I could see he was not in agreement with my decision to appeal against the ruling.
We walked back in silence to where I had parked my car. Two policemen had come out of the court room to find out what the commotion had all been about. When we got to them, I heard my lawyer telling them everything was alright and that we were leaving the premises. Then without a word, he ordered me to get into my car and drive after him. I complied as the two policemen looked on. I got into my car and drove away after the lawyer. His partner followed me in his car. After a ten minute drive, we arrived at my lawyer’s chamber. We all parked our cars and filed into his office. Then he set about admonishing me about my conduct in court and after.
“Contempt is a very serious offence. Many judges would have cited you for contempt of court and sentence you to at least a week in prison the way you behaved in court today. Please, never repeat that again even if it is very clear that the judge was wrong in his ruling. I now have to talk to your wife’s lawyer because I know him very well. He is going to press charges against you. If you do not behave, you would not only lose your children but you will also go to prison” he concluded.
Sighing, I apologized for what took place at the court but said I want to appeal against the ruling. My lawyer said my chances of winning the appeal were negligible.
“Once the DNA has established that the children are not your biological children, there is nothing you or anybody can do about it” he said. However, I disagreed with him.
“Please just go ahead and file an appeal for me. I want it done immediately. In fact, I want it done today” I said.
“Today?” he asked, sounding surprise
“Yes” I responded
“No. it will take at least a week for me to file an appeal. I now have to go for a copy of the ruling and study it. It will take a while” Carl Lomotey said.
“Can’t we make it in three days’ time? I will pay you anything you want” I said. He did not look please with my request.
“Mr. Ofori-Mensah, I have been your lawyer over the years and you know that between you and I, money is not an issue. So, please just relax. We have to think things over carefully. I know how devastated you are to know that the children are not your biological children. But….”
“They are my biological children!” I screamed at my lawyer. He was startled at my outburst.
“I see you too believe the nonsense that Peter and Pamela are not my children” I said.
“Well, the DNA test proved you are not their biological father” my lawyer said. I sprung to my feet.
“You are fired! From today onwards, you are not my lawyer!” I said and I meant it. Then I walked out of his office.
……… be continued……………

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