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A Father’s Pain: Episode 16

At this juncture, I felt like getting up and screaming out to the judge that not even he can take my children away from me. But somehow, I managed to restrain myself.
The judge then went on to direct that I should stay away from my children forever for my own good until they are of age and can decide things for themselves. Then he proceeded to advise me to move on with my life saying such misfortunes happen but those who retreat quickly and find new directions in life become successful.
“Please take heart. Truth is often painful but it is always good to know the truth. I see you struggling with your emotions and I can understand what you are going through…”
Suddenly, something in me snapped. I threw caution to the wind and took on the judge. As I spoke, he stared at me in surprise.
“No! You don’t know how I feel! You have just given away my children and you say you understand how I feel! How can you?” I began. My lawyer, shocked at my outburst was pulling at my shirt very hard, signaling me to stop but I continued.
“You are sitting there telling me to accept that my children, who have my blood flowing in them are not my children and you say you understand how I feel!”
At this juncture, my lawyer, realizing that he could not stop me got up and began to plead with the judge not to hold my outburst against me. His attempt at stopping me from talking began to annoy me. I shifted from addressing the judge to addressing him.
“Why are you trying to stop me from talking? In fact, I don’t need your services again as my lawyer. You are fired!” I screamed at him.
He tried to make light work of my assertion that I have fired him. Obviously scared that the judge may cite me for contempt, he tried to pull me out of the court room.
“Counsel, let him be. I understand his outburst. You let him be,” the judge said. As a result of his directive, my lawyer let off me and sat down.
“You think you understand me, huh? You think that I am an unfortunate man who needs the help of a psychiatrist, huh? Well, you are wrong. For your information, I am going to have my children back. Nothing will stop me from having them.”
The judge could no longer take my outburst. He ordered the policemen on duty to come take me away from the court room.
Three policemen immediately began to encircle me. I ignored them and continued to verbally lash out at the judge. They grabbed me and led me out of the court room.
I soon found myself in the car parking lot of the court. The policemen who brought me out tried to calm me down. The magnitude of what my estranged wife had done, and which was not part of the issue before the court was known to some of the officials of the court and this made some of them sympathize with me.
“Sir, hmmmmm. Just take heart. This is very painful. Women!!! Women!!! Hmmmm! Trust a woman and you are sentencing yourself to death,” one of the men said in solidarity with me.
Presently, I saw my lawyer come out of the court room with his partner. Few seconds later, my wife and then my children also filed out of the court room. My wife, for obvious reasons, looked triumphant. I began to scream at her.
“Nora! You can smile now but I bet you, you will soon cry,” I shouted.

To be continued!

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