Monday , December 18 2017


I entered a shop a while ago and this lady was telling her friend that her brother in-law was dead. Immediately she said this, I instantly felt sympathy and even a little bit of empathy, after all the death of a loved one can be a difficult thing to bear. However, my feelings of sympathy and empathy quickly developed wings when the next thing I heard was, “why the man kon die now? This period wey money no dey.”  In hindsight, I find it a little funny and I’m thinking that anybody who feels they’re about to die should kukuma leave better money wey they go use bury am. Like when writing your will, there should be a clause that allocates a portion of the deceased’s money to his burial arrangements.

But seriously though, this wasn’t the first time of me hearing things like that. I opened the newspaper the other day and read of a man who stole and killed in order to get money to bury his late father. I hear people sympathizing with families who have lost loved ones and part of the ‘sorry’ is, “Chai! For this Buhari period?” When I hear these kind of things, I’m simply amazed and I fall a little for the Islam tradition where a person is buried the same day he dies. I wonder, are we really honouring and celebrating the dead or just showing off and doing a lot of unnecessities?

Personally, I’m not for lavishing a lot of money for a burial. What happens to the living if all the money is spent on the dead? People actually go into debt because of burials. The whole thing is just simply bizarre and utterly ridiculous to me. The person in whose honour we’re throwing away that large sum of money is dead and gone; long long gone. He doesn’t know what you’re doing, and he can never appreciate it. What then is the point? If you have an answer to this question, leave me a comment.

As far as I’m concerned, if you want to celebrate a life, do it while the person is still alive and write all the tributes you want to write to him or her. That way, he can really appreciate you and know how much he means to you and how much you love and appreciate him. We write tributes to dead people and speak of how much we loved them and appreciate all they did for us, but the dead do not hear and most definitely don’t read. So, if you’re going to spend so much money celebrating a life, do it when the person is still alive not when the person is dead and gone.

And while it’s really none of my business, I really wish people would not spend hard earned resources on dead persons. I keep saying it, when I’m old and ready to die, I’ll tell my children to either wrap me up in cloth and dump my body in the ground or simply cremate me and throw away the ashes. That person that wants to eat at my burial has miss road o.


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