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African mothers reaction to Beyonce’s pregnancy video. Lmao!

I find the video below real funny because My lovely mama reacted in the same way. Lmao. Africans take decency to another level. See the video below    

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Tuface; A celebrity every African should imitate.

Every African knows tuface, The popular singer of “African queen” that got his song featured in in a Hollywood movie. It is no news that the Musician is one of the richest in Africa and infact lives a very comfortable life.. I wrote not long ago about how African youths should come together and protest bad governance.  In Nigeria, A brave singer took the first step but while Tuface is trying to lead a nationwide protest against bad governance.. the government is fighting back.. Apparently …

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Girl shamed for jumping off a balcony rather than get raped

I saw the conversation on facebook and I was very disturbed. A girl jumps off the balcony rather than be raped by a man and some saw her decison as stupid. Thankfully some others thought like i was thinking. If a girl refuses to give you her body, while force it and allow her to jump off a balcony. Even if she isnot a virgin.. It is not by force. I find this truly disturbing because we need to take “Rape cases” very seriously in …

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A child beaten to death because she cannot speak English; The highest degree of mental colonisation!!!

Your language is your identity and you should wear it very proudly because there is no place like home. Our African languages are  just as wonderful as English language. They are all beautiful languages given to us by God. You praise or see nothing wrong with someone that cannot speak their language but you shade another for not being able to speak English properly. You try as hard as you can to remove your mother tongue accent from you mouth and adopt the perfect British …

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