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A Loving Thing(Short Love Story)


Looking at how she fixed her gaze on him, one would think she’s crushing on him, who wouldn’t’? he’s so perfectly made by God, but the expression on her face shows she ain’t happy, she was wondering how he could change so much, he whom hate dancing except with her is seen grinding so hard on girls in the party”  she was just wondering what could change him from the you and I = one, to on your own, she didn’t know she had gone out of the universe for long not until a voice struck her”

do you still love him that much” said hammed” no she replied” then why the tears he said”

I just can’t forget him that easily, I would be lying if I said I don’t love him anymore, in fact I will forever love him, this is not the Steve I love and am sure there is something behind his sudden change of behaviour”.

I don’t know what your love life was, but love is blind they say, if he really love you, he wouldn’t disregard you like this, just see for yourself the way he is dancing with the other girls” hammed said” love is really blind, love is crazy and love is love, who taught me that love isn’t about receiving but giving.

‘Steve’s love isn’t forced but shared, it is a feeling I can die for, he taught me all that” she walked into the lane of memory as she shared what she and Steve have called love with smile all over her face.
I could remember clearly over our first meeting, it all started from friendship to best of friends and later to the loving things, I was drained in the rain when someone touched me and abode me in his little umbrella, he was getting wet but he didn’t mind, so far am covered and I wonder while cover a wet tongue when it is already used to it watery fate, then he looked at me and said follow me my home is nearby, I wanted to push him away but on a second thought, I got no option because standing at the park waiting for a taxi as being over two hours and nobody is asking the cloud to stop crying, I raised my gaze only to see him staring at his wrist watching, I was a bit relived he wasn’t pressurising, I made up my made up my mind for better, for worse, and I was d–n sure I would be safe because I was with my face sprayer which will inflict pain on him for an hour in case he try rubbish, reaching his home was like a moment of attraction, he’s so neat and tidy he offered me a towel and showed me his room to use, I was scared again because it was a perfect way of assaulting me, But hell no, I change into one of his unused vest and boxer reaching my kneel which he gave me, I came out only to meet him on my a must to watch telenovela ONLY YOU ‘cheez’!

I was forced to join him, then I was chanced to see is face, I was so overwhelmed with what I saw, then he caught me starring at him, I was so embarrassed but he made me feel at home like we were long time friends, we joked, chat but he didn’t even talked about any intimacy topic or showing any flirty behaviour, I was so impressed with the way he handle the situation, I was already in love, I would say love at first meeting and I was forced to asked him why he helped me out, his response was normal, he said its in his nature to help, he said he went to buy some stuff when he noticed me, he try to ignore but some force greater than him forced him to help, I slept over at his home in his room, he slept on the couch while I slept on his bed, I wanted to ask him to come over but it might look like am sending an invitation
Hold on”hammed chirped in, so you are going to tell your day to day activity with him, her facial expression changed, she was enjoying those moment, hammed saw the change and apologized but asked her to skip the irrelevant ones out” she continued, when we started dating, he didn’t keep it a secret, our love was so unique, it was a love every human wished for, I remember when I tested him on how he truly love me, that day was the happiest day of my life.
On val day, I went to his home with a sad face, he was already dressed up, he asked what up, and I just kneel down begging for his forgiveness, he drew me up and whispered” no matter what you do to me my love wouldn’t change, he lifted me and took me straight to his room, mind you not to s-x because he said he wanted a no s-x relationship and I accepted which made me love him the more, thou I was having fear of what to hear after the test, my test is different and dangerous because for sure 80% of men will surely end the relationship but no matter the outcome I will still hold on to my man, then the test came in, I told him I was sorry, I told am with a deadly virus which l was HIV positive, to my surprise he smiled and said is that all?, I was like I meant HIV positive, he said Temi’ love is blind, love is crazy, love is love, love I love you, if my love was to be Measured, from here to the end of the world, it would be half of the love I feel for you, to make you feel secured, I will break my promise
“I know he would break his promise, and who wouldn’t, I now reason with him hammed interrupted again.
She was smiling and said at least you should listen to the promise he broke, he broke the no s-x relationship, he said if we are the same nobody can separate us, we had s-x and he discovered am a virgin, he was surprised and asked how come I contacted the virus, I smiled and told him I was just testing, he smiled and said please don’t ever test my love again because that hurt me a lot, it shows you are still not sure of the love I have for you, from then my love for him uplifted to the abnormal level and I love him unconditionally.
Hammed chirped in again”whoa! I can’t believe that, then why the break up.
Tears rolled from her face with the word I don’t know, he just changed out of the blue”hammed looked puzzled, I can’t seem to understand, we can’t say he just wanted to have your body because we know the reason why he slept with you”that is the problem because it ain’t up to a month he changed”before they could concentrate back on Steve, he was gone.
At city hospital, Temi could be seen busily searching for her friend, she has a surprise to give her, around her middle finger there was a shiny metal, ooops! it is a ring and the person wearing it looks happy, she was almost close to her destination”room 027”, she opened the door and saw her friend backside, she almost hugged her from behind when a familiar voice spoke”doctor please stop giving me injections, “ooh no that looks so similar to Steve voice, she quietly called out”Steeve!” all human present in the room turned to look at her, her happy self turn moody in a flash”Steve! she called out” Steve was just smiling while looking at her finger and let out FINALLY” she couldn’t still get hold of her self, thou he had hurt her really bad in the past but he will be the only one who owns her heart”the doctor excused herself while patting her on her shoulder saying, I know everything and walked away”Steve was still smiling but looked very pale”what’s wrong? she asked”he smiled and said to her, I know have hurt you real bad in the past but kindly find it in your heart to forgive m…, she stopped him from talking, moving closer to him and said, I can never hate you because you are the one I love, how can I hate someone I cherished so much but tell me what’s wrong?,”he ignored the question and looked at her with a pleading facial expression, Can you put me to sleep like before” she smiled and remember those days, she adjusted her self and rested his head on her laps curling his hair, then she asked what has being going on in your life”nothing much, just flirting around he replied”are you happy? He asked,” yes I am, I will soon be getting marri….,” I know he interrupted”you know? She asked rhetorically”he then asked her to sing him a song”no prob”, she was mid-way the song when a loud beep was being heard from the machines present in the room, he was gasping for breath heavily”she was about running to call the doctor when he held her back and said I loved you, I love you and I will.. will continue loving you, those were his last words when he gave up to the ghost, she screamed loudly and called out the doctor” the doctor rushed in but there were no urge to attend to him, it seem they had foreseen it” hold on to your self Temi, he is someone every one love but he love only you, this was the reason he made you out of his life, he was suffering a disease causing a hole in his heart, he was at the last stage, we never knew he could last this long, but every day he would say I can’t die when Temi isn’t happy and it took you good seven years to be happy,am sure you both are connected with a strong bond,he gave you out not because he doesn’t want you but because he doesn’t want you experience more than what you are currently experiencing because he knew You loved him with your whole heart”after hearing this, the shock was too much for her to bear and she fainted.

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